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6 Messiest Types of Trees in Lansing, Mi

A surprising percentage of trees commonly used as landscape specimens have unappealing traits at best. That hopeful young sapling you planted in the middle of your yard all those years ago could turn into a rebellious adolescent, then a grumpy old tree you’d prefer not to have around. Most people anticipate picking up leaves from…
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Which Trees Require The Least Water?

Temperatures are always a huge factor when it comes to plants. People typically assume that more dry and hotter locations would naturally have a huge disadvantage when planting trees and taking care of plants, but that is not really the case. All you have to do is to choose the correct plant for the correct…
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What are the Most Common Trees in Michigan?

If you are a person who loves trees, one of the places that you will surely enjoy in Michigan. In fact, this state is one of the places with the most maple trees! With so many trees native to Michigan, it can be a bit overwhelming to identify the trees that you will find there.…
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What are the Thorny Trees You can Find in Michigan?

More than half of Michigan is covered with forests, which one of the main reasons why most of its industries are based on woodworking and wildlife. Those industries are heavily reliant on Michigan’s vegetation of the forests. It is also important to remember that recreational activities in forests like camping and hunting have a significant…
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Is Oak Tree One of the Native Trees in Michigan?

With all the numerous types of trees that you can find in Michigan, it might actually confuse you what trees are native to Michigan and which are invasive. Moreover, this thing is actually a bigger deal to know for the people who love planting trees and landscaping.  One example of this is the majestic, sturdy,…
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Unhealthy Trees: Is my tree unhealthy?

How to know if your tree is unhealthy You do not need to be a professional arborist in Lansing Michigan to know whether the trees in your property are healthy or not. You can assess them yourself by knowing and understanding the signs of a healthy tree. We at Tree Service Lansing, Mi consider our…
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