What are the Most Common Trees in Michigan?

What are the Most Common Trees in Michigan?

If you are a person who loves trees, one of the places that you will surely enjoy in Michigan. In fact, this state is one of the places with the most maple trees! With so many trees native to Michigan, it can be a bit overwhelming to identify the trees that you will find there. Maybe you are planning to improve your lawn and plant a tree, but what tree should you pick? Of course, you need to choose a tree that is common in your place. With that, here are the 5 most common trees in Michigan.

Oak Trees

Oak trees in Michigan!

One of the most recognized and distinguished trees is a well-grown oak tree that is already mature. It is one of the trees that can last many several years along with thick leaves and branches. If you are looking to plant a tree in your backyard that can also greatly provide shade to your lawn, planting an oak tree is surely one of the best choices!

However, one thing that you really need with oak trees is patience. As you should know, oak trees are the type of trees that are slow-growing. But you know what they say, it is always worth the wait. Oak trees are very well-known and easy to spot in tree identification in Michigan. If you are looking to plant one, below are the types of oak trees that are common in Michigan.

  • Bur Oak
  • Scarlet Oak
  • White Oak
  • Black Oak
  • Red Oak
  • Pin Oak

Maple Trees

maple trees Michigan

Maple trees are another type of tree that is excellent in providing shade. Moreover, it is so common Michigan that it makes the state one of the states with a large number of maple trees. That also means that it is a lawn-friendly type of tree, which is another great reason to have this in your backyard.

Another feature of maple trees that most people love is how colorful they are during the fall season where their leaves start changing color. Here are the types of the maple tree that are very common in Michigan:

  • Norway Maple
  • Silver Maple
  • Black Maple
  • Red Maple
  • Sugar Maple

Beech Trees

beech tree Michigan

Heading towards the southern and northern parts of Michigan, you will see American beech trees inside of certain forests. You can easily spot a beech tree in Michigan by its thin, grayish, and smooth bark. You can also recognize it through its oval-shaped leaves with toothed edges and a pointed tip.

Beech trees are also the type of tree where one usually sees writing on its bark. Though some might find it kind of cute in a way, it is actually harmful to the tree. Writing something on the bark of a tree can hinder the tree’s transmission of water and essential nutrients through its trunk.

Willow Trees

Willow trees Michigan

There is probably no need for introducing willow trees since it is also a famous and unique type of tree. It is known for its elegant leaves that form a curtain to provide a great and cozy shade along with a breeze. Moreover, this is a type of tree that grows very fast.

If you want to have those relaxing moments where you just rest in your backyard in the afternoon while reading a book under the shade of a tree, you can consider planting a willow tree. In Michigan, the types of willow trees can be either weeping willow or white willow.

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