Month: March 2022

Tree Trimming, Stump Removal

stump removal

Stump Grinding vs Stump Removal

Should I remove or grind a stump of a tree? Both stump grinding and stump removal have advantages and disadvantages. Choosing the ideal option for you is largely determined by your landscape’s future intentions and this all boils down to your preference what to do with the tree stump. What is a tree stump? The…
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How often to Trim Trees?

What are tree trimming and pruning? Tree trimming and pruning are two different things. Trimming for tree health is known as tree pruning, and it entails removing diseased, infested, or interfering with healthy growth branches in trees. Tree trimming on a regular basis maintains the trees be strong, improves their structure, and decreases the need…
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 Best Dog Parks in Lansing, Michigan

Aside from hiking trails, the best music venues, delectable restaurants, and everything in between, Michigan has plenty of amazing things to see and do with your four-legged best friend. So be ready to run and play as we take a look at three fantastic Michigan dog parks. What makes a dog park great, you ask?…
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7 Best Hiking Trails in Lansing, Michigan

Looking to get outside and enjoy the beauty of Lansing while stretching your legs and improving your health? The best places to go hiking, mountain biking, trail running, nature trails, and enjoying other outdoor activities are all right here in the Lansing area. The Lansing area offers hundreds of trails, parks, and outdoor activities ranging…
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6 Messiest Types of Trees in Lansing, Mi

A surprising percentage of trees commonly used as landscape specimens have unappealing traits at best. That hopeful young sapling you planted in the middle of your yard all those years ago could turn into a rebellious adolescent, then a grumpy old tree you’d prefer not to have around. Most people anticipate picking up leaves from…
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