Tree Removal

Tree Removal Lansing Mi

Our team of professional arborists servicing Lansing mi and the greater Lansing area, ready to help with your tree removal. No matter how big or small the tree removal job is we have all the equipment necessary to get the job done. We are locally owned and operated and With over a decade of experience safely providing our customers with tree removal services. 

What Makes Our East Lansing Tree Removal Company Different? 

Our customers are the number one priority and we always have 100 percent customer satisfaction because we know that without you we wouldn’t be able to do what we love! Give us a call and find out why we are the preferred tree service company in Michigan!

Looking For Lansing Tree Removal companies?

Besides having provided the east Lansing and greater Lansing area with our tree service for 10 plus years you should call us because we always put you first we are a very professional tree service company that does business with integrity, trust, and safety first. 

We take the traditional tree services route and add our 100 percent customer satisfaction and you will know why the tree service pros that Lansing calls.

Our Michigan tree removal process

Our tree service process is fairly easy. We start by having one of our tree arborists come visit your home to check the site out and with our free estimates, you have nothing to lose. After checking out the property and seeing the tree then we go ahead and provide you with an estimate then we schedule a time that works best. 

We strictly comply with the state & national guidelines of tree removal. As the leading firm, we have the capitals to purchase the essential equipment, making every task more efficient and efficient for you! All crew members are professional and properly trained, with safety being the number one priority. We do not improvise!

tree removal lansing mi

Our Arborist Lansing Mi

Your safety and our arborists’ safety is Lansing Tree Service’s Pros number one priority. We wear proper and appropriate Personal Protective Equipment when working. We identify the hazard areas and secure them. We secure escape routes before starting the tree removal operation. 

We properly notify the surrounding people before we start operation, and We perform routine inspection and maintenance of our equipment before and after operations.

Tree removal or Tree Trimming?

Not sure whether you need tree trimming or tree removal services? Let us help, we will highlight the difference between tree removal and tree trimming so you know which one you need.

East Lansing Tree Removal

Tree removal not to get confused with stump removal which is when we remove the tree stump, tree removal is when we have to remove the whole tree due to a number of different things. Sometimes customers just want to clear the yard and have grass. 

Why Get Tree Removal In Lansing Michigan?

The main reason customers request our services in Lansing mi is that they notice the tree getting weak and dying and if the trees start to get weak and there’s a storm or heavy rain that tree will break and fall and potentially damage your property or someone you love. We highly recommend you call our pros if you have any concerns about a specific tree on your property. 

If the trees start leaning or there are holes in the stump and it’s getting weak that is a sign that you may have bacteria or fungi which will eat the tree from the inside out and it can collapse. Some other reasons might be

  • Trees are by power lines
  • Underlying issues
  • Terrible groins with included bark or rehashed breaks
  • Breaks on the principle trunk or primary pioneers
  • The tree is simply too huge for the area and postures difficulties to well-being on the off 
  • the chance that it falls or drops branches

Looking For Tree Removal Near Me? 

We service the East Lansing area and most of Lansing as well as the surrounding cities give us a call and check if we service your city!

tree removal lansing mi

Our Tree cutting service Lansing Mi 

We provide all the tree services necessary to help you achieve the yard of your dreams!

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming tree service is required when the trees need to remove branches that are over your commercial or residential property or there are dead leaves. Tree trimming provides a service that allows you to eliminate those unwanted branches and potentially dangerous ones while still maintaining the whole tree.

Another reason why we will trim instead of removing will be because of the health of the tree, if we spot a tree potentially dying on one side or it got infected we can trim the part that needs to go so your trees can continue to grow healthy.

tree removal lansing mi

Stump Removal

We provide our tree care by using stump grinding and removing those unattractive stumps in your yard. We get done quickly and always do a great job. Give us a call, we are local and can give you a free quote.

Land Clearing

If you want to clear some land to build a home or just want to clear the land or just take care of those trees that have been there for some time. We can help you with all your tree service needs in Lansing