Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding Lansing

Lansing Tree Service is one of the few professional stump grinding teams in Lansing, Mi that can perform efficient and safe grinding and removal. Our company values trust in our neighbors and always makes sure we provide customer satisfaction. Once the stumps removed and our services have been completed we go back and clean up after ourselves to leave your property free from hazards and ready for you to plant grass and flowers over it. Our stump removal equipment is the state of the art and efficient.

Stump grinding or stump removal?

Sometimes it’s hard to decide whether your yard requires stump grinding or stump removal they sound so similar it’s hard to know which one you need is we make it easier for you to know which one you need.

Stump removal

Getting those tree stumps removed is a permanent solution to your problems. When you remove the stump you have to dig about a 20-inch whole around to get all the roots out to make sure it doesn’t grow back. It is a more expensive process, according to Home Advisor the average price in Lansing mi is around $88.94 to $155.80 but it is a permanent fix to the problem and we can. After that tree stump has been removed it will not grow back.

Stump grinding

Stump grinding is a cheaper option to the problem stump grinding in Lansing mi can start out at around $190 which is a pretty good price. Stump grinding grinds the stump all the way around until there is not much left and the floor is flat. The problem with this is that the tree stumps will grow back since we are not digging out the roots of the tree stumps.


stump grinding lansing mi


Our Equipment


stump grinding lansing mi

Are the most powerful tools that effectively and safely grind stumps and can fit through small gates. Our team is experienced professionals that participate in continuous training and skill expertise.

Our tree service safety guidelines

Before we remove the tree stump, we first check for potential underground obstruction. We perform routine inspection and maintenance for all of our stump removal and stump grinder equipment before and after operations.

We wear proper and appropriate Personal Protective clothes when working. Only qualified personnel operate the stumper. We clear and secure the work area of people before the operation. We ensure that our crew all wear protective devices and properly working. We follow the SOP and guidelines in operating the stumper to ensure everyone’s safety. Before we start cutting and removing the stumps we service our machinery.

Other Tree Services

We want to ensure we are able to help our clients we offer a variety of tree services in Lansing mi

Tree removal

Our Lansing mi tree removal service offers state-of-the-art customer service. Tree removal can be very dangerous once those trees start to die in your yard or get sick it can become very dangerous. Weak trees once a storm or heavy rain comes they can fall and cause injuries to your loved ones or your property.

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming can be very effective if you start noticing your trees getting sick or not growing right you can actually eliminate the bad parts and stop the spreading of the bacteria or fungi in the tree. Give our Lansing arborist a call and we will help you decide if you need tree trimming, tree removal or to get rid of those tree stumps.