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Lansing Tree Service Pros provides professional Arborist for locals in Ingham County and the surrounding areas. No matter what services you require whether you need tree removal, Stump removing, Land Clearing, tree trimming or Emergency Tree Care our trained Tree experts are here to assist you. We pride ourselves in having 100 percent customer satisfaction and always putting our Lansing mi customers first.

Why call Lansing Tree Service Experts

We have aimed to provide sustainable best practices for tree removal, pruning, clearing, maintaining, grinding, and other tree services for the past decade. We continuously improve our tree service practices as mandated by the International Society of Arboriculture, Tree Care Industry Association, and the Occupational Health and Safety Administration. With us, you are not just a customer but a VALUED customer.

Our Values

Our whole business philosophy is that we see our valued customers as a contributing member of the Lansing, Michigan community. That is why we have dedicated our 10 years of service to ensure that each inquiry, transaction, and service we provide is made with care, respect, and impeccable professionalism. 

We always highly recommend what's better for you instead of what's profitable for us because we know the value you provide

Why choose our tree services in Lansing Mi

Our whole business philosophy is that we see our valued customers as a contributing member of the Lansing Michigan community.  That is why we have dedicated our 10 years of service to ensure that each inquiry, transaction, and service we provide is made with care, respect, and impeccable professionalism. We always highly recommend what's better for you instead of what's profitable for us because we know the value you provide.

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We thoroughly assess and evaluate your property and recommend only the services you need. 

We use safe and well-maintained equipment.

We survey your property for any health and safety hazards before working. 

We complete the job with excellence. 

We aim to be The most affordable tree service near you!

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We strive to be the best Michigan tree service company.

Our Tree Services

We offer a variety of services tree services from tree trimming, tree removal, stump grinding, and emergency tree care service. We come highly recommended by homeowners come to give us a call and find out why we are the preferred tree service company of Michigan.

Tree Removal Lansing Mi

tree removal services in Michigan

Looking for tree removal services in Lansing mi? Whether you're located in East Lansing or the greater Lansing area you can give us a call! When doing tree removal there is a lot that goes into it no matter the reason you're doing it if it's because you want better aesthetics or an emergency. You deserve a tree service company that gets the job done correctly the first time around to save you and ourselves time. We are the leading experts in tree removal. We know how to get those trees removed properly and safely, and never harm the surrounding trees in the area and keep your yard looking beautiful. Sometimes it's hard to perform tree removal on certain trees because of how they are positioned but that's why we have state of the art rigging equipment, cutting equipment, stumpers, steer loaders, and brush cutters. With our equipment, your trees will be removed safely and our crew will be in and out of your yard as soon as possible.

Stump Removal Lansing Mi

Stumps can be dangerous if you have a lot of people in the yard and people don't see them, also sometimes a lot of pests, fungi, insects can live in the stump. Removing tree stumps is different than doing tree removal since the stumps are in the ground and have to be taken out from the root so it doesn't grow back you require special machinery. They can also make cutting your lawn extremely difficult. Our Stump grinding machines handle the job quickly and won't hurt your garden. We make sure we clean up after ourselves so you can replant grass over it.  

stump removal Lansing MI

Tree Trimming and Pruning

tree trimming lansing mi

Feel like you your trees need a trim? or you been needing to take care of that tree and never gotten around to it? It's always best to let professionals handle your tree trimming and pruning because one incorrect trim can damage your trees and stop them from growing healthy. Once tree. If you don't have the right tools then trimming and pruning can be very time-consuming. your trees get damaged they start to die and when that happens the next step is to remove them Your time is what you must protect We have a decade of experience trimming trees that we won't trim away everything you have. We make sure the trees have room to grow fruits and maintain a proper size.

Our tree trimming process is the most convenient for the customer we first start by evaluating the tree and seeing where it's located and how we are going to trim it and talk to you to see how you would like it also. After that, we provide you with some free estimates and we get to work. If you are one call away. are in Michigan and have to get your tree trimming from our professional arborist the tree pros

Emergency Tree Service Lansing

emergency tree service

Our 24/7 tree service experts will assist you with your tree emergency. We will remove the trees and pick them up after ourselves. Accidents happen you can't control that but you can control how to handle those accidents and you deserve a tree company that is there for you when you need it the most but more importantly will get the job done quickly and removes the damages quickly. Give us a call and we will try our best to drop everything we are doing to go help and afterward you will still receive our free estimates and we will do our best to keep our prices low.

How to Reach our Lansing Tree Service Company

  • From Capital Region International Airport To Lansing Tree Service Pros MI 48915. Get on Port Lansing Rd to Dewitt rd, Head east towards E circle Dr. Turn right onto E Circle Dr. Continue onto W Commerce Rd. Turn right onto Capital City Blvd. Turn left onto Port Lansing Rd. Follow N Martin Luther King Jr Blvd to W St Joseph St in Lansing. Turn right onto Dewitt Rd. Continue onto N Martin Luther King Jr Blvd. Turn Right Onto W St Joseph St in 180 ft 1312 W St Joseph St will be on the right. From Downtown Lansing to Lansing Tree Service Pros. Head east on W Allegan St toward Townsend St. Turn right onto S Capitol Ave. Turn right onto W St Joseph St. Keep right to stay on W St Joseph St in 0.5 miles 1312 W St Joseph St will be on the right.

About Lansing Michigan

Lansing is the capital of Michigan. It's mostly in Ingham county. Lansing is an important center for educational, cultural, governmental, commercial, and industrial functions.


You can Visit Detroit and explore Detroit Institute Museum, Motown Museum, The Ford Piquette Avenue Plant, Detroit Historical Museum, and more. 

You can feel and enjoy the calm Great Lakes Bay, experience the genuine Dutch culture without leaving the USA or Learn the Indian culture in  Ziibiwing Center , Museum of Ojibwa Culture, and  Eyaawing Museum. 

Also Michigan is Home to one of the National Historic Landmarks in the country, the Michigan State Capitol. It houses the government’s legislative branch of Michigan. Take a break in the beautiful Mackinac Island where the horses are kings!


Tree Service Locations

If you are in this area we highly recommend to contact us and To be able to service you better we

have different office and services in different cities around the greater Lansing area: 

Tree Service Eaton Rapids

Tree Service Fowlerville

Tree Service Grand Ledge MI

Tree Service Mason

Tree Service Portland

Tree Service St Johns

Tree Service Waverly

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