Which Trees Require The Least Water?

Which Trees Require The Least Water?

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Temperatures are always a huge factor when it comes to plants. People typically assume that more dry and hotter locations would naturally have a huge disadvantage when planting trees and taking care of plants, but that is not really the case. All you have to do is to choose the correct plant for the correct location in order to get these trees to provide shade without draining your water bill. Here are some of those types of trees.

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Evergreen Trees

Some examples of Evergreen trees are cedars, oaks, and pines. These types of trees can typically tolerate little to no water compared to other types of trees. Another part of the evergreen family is Cypress trees, which can provide quite the amount of advantage for your property such as what it’s usually known for, which is windbreakers. These Cypress can block noise and wind from damaging houses and yards.

Another type of Evergreen tree can include Austrian black pines, wild lilacs, and atlas cedars. As said, these Evergreen trees should be able to easily survive at locations with drought conditions. These trees are able to survive even with minimal watering. In addition, these types of trees may also tend to grow more quickly and can provide better shading even after just a few years of being planted.

Deciduous Trees

Deciduous trees tend to grow bushier and taller. Some examples of these types of trees are Chinese pistache. These trees can basically grow a few feet even after every year, meaning it grows even faster. There are also these trees name Desert willow trees, which are not necessarily considered as a type of willow tree, but also have the tendency to grow tall and wide with beautiful trumpet flowers. 

Sawleaf zelkova trees are a type of Elm trees that also have a tall and widespread of branches, fitting to be a shade which also grows about five feet every year. These types of trees can still survive drought conditions when they are fully established. GinkgoMaidenhair tree is another type of large deciduous tree that grows relatively slowly and can gain about 18 inches a year. These trees also have a beautiful golden fall color and have no pests or diseases. And are naturally more resistant to drought or can survive with minimal watering.


Southwestern Trees

Naturally, as the name suggests, these southwest trees are a species of trees that are native to Arizona and Southern California, which are trees that have already developed to specifically survive these drought conditions. Since they have already developed for drought condition locations, it means that they can still flourish and grow throughout the year. 

Another species of these trees are acacia trees. These trees should be able to bear some harsh weather conditions and grow fast in addition. On top of this, there are also other southwestern trees that only use as little moisture as possible, meaning they do not need much water and can even survive in some drier conditions. These trees include Mesquites and Palo Verde trees.

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