Unhealthy Trees: Is my tree unhealthy?

Unhealthy Trees: Is my tree unhealthy?

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How to know if your tree is unhealthy

You do not need to be a professional arborist in Lansing Michigan to know whether the trees in your property are healthy or not. You can assess them yourself by knowing and understanding the signs of a healthy tree.

We at Tree Service Lansing, Mi consider our arborist profession as a way of keeping our planet healthy, fertile, and cultivatable. So we are here to guide and help you maintain your trees healthy and well.

Signs of a healthy tree

Main trunk

A healthy tree must have one main trunk. Although trees with two trunks are not unusual, the problem with a tree that has two trunks is that the stems will compete with one another for nutrients. So having one trunk is a good indicator that your tree is healthy.

Annual new growth

New growth means that the tree should be growing in height and diameter, and buds and branches sprouting. A good sign that your tree is healthy if it is undergoing consistent annual growth.

Strong bark

A strong bark means that it should not be peeling or is not loose.

Healthy Leaves

Leaves should have the right color, shape, and size, and they must be abundant.

Full branches

There should be no dead or broken branches on your tree. You could test the condition of the branch by snapping one twig, a living twig will bend while a dead twig will break.

If you see the opposite of these signs, then your tree is probably in an unhealthy state. If you are still unsure whether your tree is healthy or not, you may contact Tree Service Lansing, Mi to get our professional assessment.

How to keep your tree healthy

Before you start maintaining your tree, you must first evaluate its condition.

First, check for any signs of disease. Knowing what disease to treat is a good start. Check if there is a lack of fruit, leaves, trunk condition, visible insects that are considered pests, irregular growth, wilting, and bark holes. The arborist at Tree Service Lansing Michigan has a good eye for tree diseases.

Now, if you are planning to plant a new tree, make sure that you have done your research and answer the following questions:

What kind of tree is suitable for the soil of Lansing Michigan?
What size is allowed in your property?
Is the tree trunk hard enough to withstand storms or strong wind?
Is the tree susceptible to pests?

These questions are important to create a harmonious ecosystem in your backyard. If you plant a tree that is not appropriate for the soil of Lansing, Mi, chances are, it will just die. If you plant a tree that is too big, it might pose some safety issues.

So knowing the appropriate tree for your backyard is pivotal. Lansing, Mi tree care service is what Lansing Tree Service Pros specializes in. So contact us now!


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