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Benefits of Getting Your Lansing Mi Trees Removed

Lansing is home to many different tree species. Many of the trees in this area tend to live for many years and grow extremely long and deep roots. The area is known for its variable weather, many trees often lose limbs or fall onto properties and power lines throughout the year.  Lansing Tree Services Pro…
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What are the Most Common Trees in Michigan?

If you are a person who loves trees, one of the places that you will surely enjoy in Michigan. In fact, this state is one of the places with the most maple trees! With so many trees native to Michigan, it can be a bit overwhelming to identify the trees that you will find there.…
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What are the Thorny Trees You can Find in Michigan?

More than half of Michigan is covered with forests, which one of the main reasons why most of its industries are based on woodworking and wildlife. Those industries are heavily reliant on Michigan’s vegetation of the forests. It is also important to remember that recreational activities in forests like camping and hunting have a significant…
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Is there a Fully-Grown Sequoia Tree in Michigan?

Aside from its literally gigantic height, we all know that giant Sequoia trees are well-known for naturally growing in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California. These trees thrive in places that are more elevated compared to other kinds of redwood trees. However, one of the most interesting questions about these trees is if you can…
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What is the Oldest Tree in Michigan?

With all the beautiful and amazing trees in Michigan, you might also wonder which of those trees have been living or have lived the longest. To be honest, the answer to that question is somehow complicated. As you know, there are many things that you should consider and you would need an expert’s analysis of…
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Is Oak Tree One of the Native Trees in Michigan?

With all the numerous types of trees that you can find in Michigan, it might actually confuse you what trees are native to Michigan and which are invasive. Moreover, this thing is actually a bigger deal to know for the people who love planting trees and landscaping.  One example of this is the majestic, sturdy,…
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How to Identify Different Trees in Michigan

As you all know, Michigan is a place full of many different types of trees. It is undoubtedly one of the perfect states for people who are fond of trees. Moreover, they are not just limited to a small number of tree types. There are various tree types that populate inside the state of Michigan.…
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How to find a good tree service company in Lansing Michigan

Are you looking to hire a professional tree service company to do some yard work, but you don’t know how it’s done? Tree removal and tree trimming can be a dangerous task and it’s best to leave it up to experts like Lansing Tree Service Pros who are skilled professionals, trained, licensed, and equipped with…
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Unhealthy Trees: Is my tree unhealthy?

How to know if your tree is unhealthy You do not need to be a professional arborist in Lansing Michigan to know whether the trees in your property are healthy or not. You can assess them yourself by knowing and understanding the signs of a healthy tree. We at Tree Service Lansing, Mi consider our…
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Reason to hire Lansing Tree Service Pros

Tree Service Lansing, Mi You might be asking yourself why would you bother hiring and spending money for a professional arborist in Lansing, Mi if you can maintain your property on your own. There are a lot of do-it-yourself tutorials online. You are correct! You can definitely maintain your property on your own. Cutting, pruning,…
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