Is there a Fully-Grown Sequoia Tree in Michigan?

Is there a Fully-Grown Sequoia Tree in Michigan?

Aside from its literally gigantic height, we all know that giant Sequoia trees are well-known for naturally growing in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California. These trees thrive in places that are more elevated compared to other kinds of redwood trees. However, one of the most interesting questions about these trees is if you can grow a giant Sequoia tree in Michigan. The answer to that question, yes, it is possible.

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Though it might be unbelievable, it turns out that there are gigantic Sequoia trees growing in the Western part of Michigan! There are actually 3 of them, which you can find in the Lake Bluff Bird Sanctuary in Manistee, Michigan.

Are the Sequoia Trees Native to Michigan?

Obviously, those giant Sequoia trees in Michigan are not native. The story behind it is that, in 1984, Gertrude Gray brought 6 Sequoia seedlings from California and planted them in their place, which is the Lake Bluff Bird Sanctuary. Out of those six seedlings, only 3 of them have fully grown.
The Lake Bluff Bird Sanctuary was originally a property of Gertrude Gray and her husband, Edward Gray.

They landscaped the place to be an arboretum, which is why you might probably observe some tree specimens that are preserved on the ground when you take a walk in that place.

Interesting Facts About the Giant Sequoia Trees in Michigan

The Sequoia trees in Michigan are just about 80 years old or a little bit older. In comparison, the giant Sequoia trees in the Sierra Nevada Mountains are already more than 3,200 years in age.

Average Height

The average height of a mature Sequoia tree is a staggering 200 feet. The ones that are in the Lake Bluff Bird Sanctuary are like babies to those because of their 95 feet height.

Ideal Environment

The ideal environment for a Giant Sequoia’s habitat is a place with high humidity, highly-elevated, snowy and cold winter, and dry summer so that they can fully grow with only minimal disturbance. There are only very few places where these trees can grow, which is why it’s very impressive to see some in Michigan. 

There are even more Sequoia trees in Michigan other than the ones in Lake Bluff Bird Sanctuary, you can look it up online to see the other giant Sequoia trees in Michigan.

As mentioned, the Lake Bluff Bird Sanctuary was originally a property of Mr. and Ms. Gray. However, in 1988, it was donated to an organization named Michigan Audubon. Currently, the place now serves bed & breakfast at a price of 80 to 95 dollars each night depending on your room.

Planning to Visit the Lake Bluff Bird Sanctuary?

If ever you wish to visit this amazing place to see the gigantic Sequoia trees in Michigan, don’t hesitate! Also, don’t worry about the admission fee and parking. There is enough parking spot for cars and it is free to visit the place. However, do consider giving a donation.

Moreover, don’t forget to pack some useful tools like a comfortable pair of shoes for hiking, a camera, and binoculars so that you can clearly watch the birds flying. Lastly, pets are not allowed so you cannot bring your dogs, cats, or any other pets.

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