Tree Removal or Tree Trimming?

Tree Removal or Tree Trimming?

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Are you not sure whether to trim or remove a tree? Let our professional arborist in Tree Service Lansing, Mi decide for you. We will assess the tree’s health, potential safety hazards (if any), age, and other factors to determine the best action.

Trees are important, they are our planet’s lungs and our source of fresh air, food, and beauty. That is why it is important to Tree Service Lansing, Mi to thoroughly determine if a tree only needs trimming.

Tree Removal vs Tree Trimming

Tree Removal in Lansing, Mi

Tree removal is the process of cutting trees for the purpose of clearing an area. There are different reasons why you should remove a tree, it could be because of safety issues like the branches are getting close to electrical wirings or it could be because the property needs to be cleared for construction.

Tree Trimming in Lansing, Mi

Tree trimming is the process of shaping or reducing the branches of a tree. Most of the time, tree trimming is for aesthetic purposes but it could also be for safety reasons.

Factors to consider

The health of the tree 

as part of an arborist’s assessment, the health of a tree is considered in making a decision whether it needs trimming or it has to be entirely removed from the property. If a tree starts to drop branches and an obvious disease has taken over it, tree removal would be the best option because this could pose safety hazards.

On the other hand, if a tree is healthy but starts to have overgrowth and might reach electrical wirings, it must be trimmed and shaped in a manner that future branches would grow in a direction that would not pose a threat to its surroundings.

Tree’s surrounding area 

Is the tree too close to your house? Big trees have a tendency to grow big roots that could destroy a building’s integrity. If this happens, tree removal is the best option.

Safety hazard 

A safety hazard is one of the most important considerations of whether to trim or remove a tree. If a tree has a safety hazard potential, it must be immediately dealt with.


Overgrowth can be problematic, especially overgrown roots because it can destroy the structural integrity of a house or a building. A careful process of tree removal is needed to prevent the roots from doing this and the most reliable professional arborist of Lansing, Mi are employed by Lansing Tree Service Pros.

Overgrown branches are easier to deal with but you still need a professional to do it correctly. If you start cutting branches without understanding the physiology of trees, the branches could grow back but more scattered. But worry no more! Tree Service Lansing, Mi has the best
trimmers in the whole city of Michigan.


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